The CNPS Nonprofit Academy

Your source for high-quality nonprofit training, tailored just for arts and culture nonprofit professionals.

Coming in Late 2019/Early 2020!

CNPS Nonprofit Academy Logo with three colored dots and a graduation cap.

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At the Academy, you can…

  • Enroll in individual courses and workshops (both paid and free offerings)
  • Learn new skillsets or deepen your existing skills
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Maximize impact and effectiveness for your nonprofit
  • Get exclusive training videos, materials, and guides
  • Get Lifetime access to the course for you or your organization


Or become a member and you will receive…

  • Access to all courses and workshops offered through the Academy
  • Exclusive videos, materials, and guides
  • Tools, templates, videos, & resources to make implementing what you've learned a breeze
  • Membership in the CNPS VIP Facebook group where you are in a community of other Academy Members and can get personalized assistance from CNPS